What is social anxiety?

If you feel uncomfortable or anxious in social situations, if you avoid certain events or activities due to anxiety, if your comfort zone is too restrictive and holding you back from getting the most out of life, there is probably an easier way out of it than you think.

There is no such thing as Social Anxiety; you are just thinking in a way that is making you feel socially anxious.

  • People SHOULD like me
  • People MUST like me
  • I MUST be accepted
  • I MUST not make a fool of myself
  • I MUST not feel awkward or embarrassed

Absolutist thoughts like these put you under a lot of pressure and make the world seem scarier than it is, but what’s the worst that can really happen if someone doesn’t like you, if people do not laugh at all of your jokes, if you do feel a little awkward at first?

  • I would prefer it if people like me
  • I would like to be accepted
  • I would prefer not to make a fool of myself
  • I would prefer not feel awkward or embarrassed

Just by thinking more like this can relieve a huge amount of pressure so that you can enter into situations feeling more relaxed and without anxiety.

In hypnosis we instruct your subconscious mind to think differently and lower its expectations which will result in taking the anxiety away or we may turn down the anxious feelings which will result in you thinking differently.

Many therapies will help you understand the problem that you are having so that you can manage it better and this can work very well, I’m not knocking any of them. I chose to offer hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety in West Sussex and London as it is usually a much faster way of addressing unproductive ways of thinking and feeling.